How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence is already affecting nearly every workplace in the country. 

When most people think of artificial intelligence (AI), they think of smarty-pants robots that can service our every whim. 

AI is already in your workplace: You use AI when you use Google Maps to find your way to an off-site meeting (perhaps in a self-driving car?), or when you use spell-check for a report. 

Examples of AI in the workplace today

Manufacturers use AI to find simpler and more affordable ways to produce better-quality products. 

In the medical industry, AI can find tumors with a better success rate than radiologists. 

Some companies are already starting to hold meetings in the metaverse, and experts expect that to occur more often in the future. 

What industries will AI change?

Health care: With artificial intelligence, doctors will be able to better diagnose illnesses, making lifesaving early treatment more likely. 

Service industry: In the future, robots and machines run by AI could replace customer service representatives, cashiers and even cooks. 

Law enforcement: Some day soon, AI facial recognition in security cameras could help police officers catch potential criminals.  

Online security: AI is already in development to more intelligently detect online fraud and protect consumers.  

Marketing: AI already targets you with customized ads on social media sites, but soon it may even be able to create the ads you see or articles you read.