How is artificial intelligence changing email marketing?

Email marketing has made it easier for marketers to reach out to potential customers on a large scale. 

According to Statista, the global number of email users will surpass 3.8 billion by the end of the year. This represents a 100 million increase over 2017, expected to exceed 4.2 billion by 2022. 

AI and Email marketing

In email marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to sculpt campaigns, influence textual content and copy, and ensure that every message is customized for the reader.

Here is how AI is changing email marketing

1.  Mail Timing

2. Analysis and Prediction

3.  Grabs audience attention

The growing popularity of AI developments will only help email marketing grow and become a more optimized, visible advertising option. 

Best efforts should be made to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support better long-term execution of email marketing and lead-generation processes. 

AI performs a similar function in email marketing. For example, if a person adds a couple of t-shirts to his cart but does not purchase them, the AI system will send them an email saying, "we guess you forgot something in your cart."