How to quickly scan, sign and send documents with your iPhone

You don’t need a bulky machine to scan and sign a document. Instead, you can use your iPhone or iPad to scan a document and, in less than a minute 

All of this can be done in the Apple Notes app, which comes pre-downloaded on the iPhone and iPad. 

And using the scan function makes the document look like an actual scan and not just a picture of a piece of paper.  

How to scan a document on your iPhone or iPad

1. – Open the Notes app and click the paper-and-pen icon on the bottom right corner to create a new note.

2. Tap the Camera icon and click Scan Documents.

3. Place the document under your iPhone or iPad camera lens. An orange highlighted box will appear over the perimeter of your document and the scan will be taken automatically.  

4. If the document size looks off, you can click or drag each corner of the scanning box to line it up so only the document is captured and not the background.

5. If you’re scanning a multipage PDF, you can keep scanning one page after another so that only one file is created.

6.  Press Save once you’re done capturing your scan.