Mac Users Need To Update Their Zoom App Now To Avoid Security Flaw

Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing software apps. It enables you to virtually interact with co-workers when in-person meetings aren't possible, and it thas been hugely successful for social events, too. 

Video conferencing software Zoom was recently found to have a flaw in its Mac client that allowed hackers to gain remote access to users’ systems.  

The security flaw was first discovered by Patrick Wardle, the Objective-See Foundation (OSF) creator and researcher. 

Now, the company has officially fixed this issue, although, the patch also brought another bug as well. 

By leveraging this tool, hackers could trick users into installing a malicious program by putting Zoom’s cryptographic signature on it. 

Once installed, attackers can gain control over a user’s system, letting them modify, delete, or add files on the device. 

Users can download the update by opening their app on the MacOS devices and then going to from the menu bar on top of the screen.  

Users can check for updates and if one is available, Zoom will display a window with the latest app version, along with details about what’s changing.